Why Content is the King still today

content is king in seo

Content is King in SEO

People who flick through the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, are genuinely looking and searching for something to get a solution. If they get disappointed by your blog or website and decided to dump the place and then went hopping to other places, you should know the primary reason they dumped be that your site didn’t give them anything informative to engage anymore further with your site.


Content is the core of a website, that is why it is considered the King. When Google rolled out with their many algorithms, it has warned a lot of website publishers to stress more on Quality, Curated and Relevant contents over SEO tricks and instead of being in a hurry to market and sell.


A site without content is just a store or a real estate with no value to offer inside, except for the fancy shiny outward shell which can entice audience towards them but has nothing in quality to offer.So, you know what happens when someone visits such sites with huge expectations; They “BOUNCE off” and then it gives you a bad reputation to what your site stands for.


If you are very annoyed looking at your Google Analytics with disappointing levels of “Bounce Rate”, you should know it might be not because your marketing intentions and strategies were apt but your audience didn’t find anything useful, or they didn’t get a solution to their problem. And the only reason they came to your website was that Search Engine suggested them to have a look at your site thinking it is has got appropriate solutions for what the audiences are seeking.

Why Content is the King 

For those who are trying to get higher rankings for their content on search engines, using tried-and-true search engine optimization (SEO) techniques such as keyword placement and frequency are certainly necessary. However, with the release of Google Panda, the content itself has taken on a far stronger effect. The days of simply writing something and filling it with keywords are long gone. Today, content is king when it comes to improving the visibility of your site.


Why Content is Important to SEO

Your placement in search rankings which is key to the visibility of your site depends on Google algorithms that try to match the query with the information. Because of recent changes to the algorithms due to the release of Google Panda, the quality and relevance of your content are now more important than ever.


What you create in terms of your content should be relevant to the niche of your business. After all, your online business should be reflected in all the content that appears in one form or another. So, be sure that your content is relevant to what your company does so that you can take advantage of a potential sale.


More Important than Keywords

While keywords are important, the strength and effectiveness of the overall content carries greater importance because the information is useful, relevant, and will be read again and again.


How Creating Content Can Promote Your Business

Effective promotion using the passive marketing form of SEO relies on creating useful content for two reasons.
First, to initially attract a potential customer when seen on the search results page and second, to bring them back again and again so they can see what else you offer. It’s common for a visitor to read the same content multiple times before making a sale.


Poor Quality Content has a Negative Effect

Just as good content brings in potential customers, so too does poor content drive away the same people. Poor content reflects badly on your online business and results in less web traffic. Plus, it lowers your search engine ranking because Google Panda and Penguin emphasize good content first.


How Content Influences Audiences

Keep in mind that your potential customers are looking for good information. By focusing on creating good, usable content, you provide those who visit your site with something informative that comes with no strings attached.

If you’ve seen list articles such as “Top 10” or “Best of”, then you understand how readers can become leads and eventually customers. Useful, informative, and interesting content starts conversations which influence audiences until they become your customers.



Good content is vital to rank higher in search engine results, engage readers, and boost your business brand. Excellent content that relates to your industry establishes you as an authority which means that people will listen to what you say and trust you concerning what you sell.
The right content is far more than just a collection of keywords, it’s important, useful information that brings visitors back again and again to your site. It works both in terms of SEO and establishing your reputation so that it builds up an audience.

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Gaurav Heera

I have been reading so many Posts or reviews concerning the blogger
But this Information is really the Best
, keep it On.


I totally agree with your article… your content should be able to provide an invaluable resource of information to your readers. I found that keyword stuffing can impede the progress of you reaching your goals. I guess the #1 question is how many words should be in a blog post to make it that much relevant?


You offer a good set of compelling reasons to pay extra attention to content. Your store analogy is spot on. If you don’t have anything in the store that makes one want to come in off the street, then it’s just another box in a building. I liked the explanation of how bad comment can have and ADVERSE affect on your rankings. The bottom line is that I think you do a good job at explaining why your site needs to be content rich……or else it’s just an empty billboard.
Thanks for the info.


Hello there,
I also believe Google pays attention to how long people stay on your website and that helps estimate the quality of your content. If your readers immediately close the website that will tell Google that there is nothing of value on that website and they will downgrade you in rankings. Making good content, along with good keywords and nice and clean presentation will lead to higher rankings eventually. Just keep posting new and quality stuff and you’ll get more and more traffic. What are your thoughts on the Google Panda release?


Hi Blesso,

Good post, relevant points you make.

Content is king, very definitely so, in fact I have recently made a post where I included lots of information on a very relevant topic and found the best results with the post I made.

Conversely, other posts which I thought were good have done poorly, it seems that what you are saying I need to bring to my site.

Your comments about the number of words in your post is very good too, such as your post here, just the right amount of information you have provided without drowning us in useless or irrelevant information.


Frankly, I’m quite glad that the days of loading up an article with key words are gone. It makes for awkward writing. There’s nothing worse than going to w website for answers only to find that it superficially skims the surface of the topic with a bunch of key words.


Agree, content is indeed King ! Not so easy to create though. Needs to be relevant and of value to any would be buyer. A picture card entrance is fine and will attract the curiosity of folk but when they walk in and find nothing of value that they’d like to buy, they’ll walk right out again.
You have given valuable and useful info here and I’m very grateful to you.