What are Keywords? Why are they so important?

Some say focus on quality content and keywords will happen naturally in it whereas some are very critical of keyword research. Well, I agree upon both of the opinions, but I prefer to compound both of it to get optimum results. Both quality content and Keyword research have its place in SEO perspective. If you really want to stay ahead of the game being in Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing in general, you need to work with both of it, so it doesn’t make sense ignoring them.

What are keywords in SEO

What are keywords in SEO?

In the SEO context, KEYWORDS are words or phrases that serve a short straight description to certain content when searched in the Search Engine. It is used by website users to find web pages that contain the information they looking for.


Many people have been using keywords, but they don’t know what is the definition of a keyword exactly. Keywords are compulsory to any online marketer who wants his or her web pages, or content to be found by many users. Keywords are part of the metadata of web pages, and they help search engines to retrieve millions of web pages and surface what the searcher is looking for.

The Changed Rule of Keyword Usage

When keywords were introduced to the online marketing industry, search engines used to crawl through web pages and rank web pages for the mentioned keywords high. However, many people started abusing keywords, and they used to include unrelated keywords that made their web pages appear in unrelated searches. For example, you would search for top ten cars in Germany then end up getting information regarding houses and hotels in Germany.


It is due to this discrepancy in keyword usage that made the search engines to tighten their keyword usage rules thereby making people to only use keywords that are related to their website niche and topic.

What are Long Tail Keywords & its Importance


In SEO content writing, people use both primary and long tail keywords. Long tail keywords, as the name suggest, are keywords that contain long words of more than 3 to 4 or phrases and they are normally used at the centre paragraphs of the content strategically as well as in titles.


These keywords are more search unique to the product or item you are selling which means searchers will have direct access to your content and it also provides them answers to their question’s. Search specific long tail keywords are used mainly by those searchers or customers, those who are closer to the verge of a buying phase in their search quest.


Google likes long tail keywords due to this reason that it serves the purpose of what other are searching in Search Engine. Besides, making searches to get info directly, long tail keywords can get you rank high in the Search Engines as they are mostly low competition in volume and wisely using it can get to the top of search results.


Again, this depends on your mission because you can create as many types of long tail keywords as possible. If your aim is to overcome competition in your niche, then you should know what your competitors are capable of. For example, if you are dealing with vaccines, most of the businesses in this sector are rich, so it will be hard to use a lot of cash to beat them out. But you can create long tail keywords,  like ‘’Cheap Rubella Vaccine at San Jose’’ or the other kind of vaccines you are dealing with. Make sure that you focus all rounds when creating long tail keywords. Consider your SEO, your ranking and your customer requirements so as to create effective long tail keywords.


So, if you are asking yourself why to make use of Long Tail Keywords searches, then the primary reason in SEO point of view is that you will rank high, and your content will be easily accessible. With targeted long tail keywords, you will have to create more pages that are unique and detailed to describe the item or topic you are describing.


What is the importance of Keyword Research?


Together with link building and content marketing, keyword research enhances the performance of your website.


Keyword research enables you to find or realize the phrases that many people will be searching for when looking for the niche that you are dealing with. When you do keyword research, you are intending to achieve enough searches that will make you attain your goals. When you formulate keywords, ask yourself, “are these the keywords that people will search for in the search engines?’’ Look at what your competitors have formulated and ensure that you create effective keywords. If you are wondering why keyword research is important for online business, it lets you formulate the exact keywords that people search when looking for info on the search engines.


How to Do Keyword Research Perfectly,

Keyword research is one of the most significant aspects of content marketing or blog. If you are aiming the irrelevant keyword which has nothing to do with your niche, then it is just waste of your efforts and time, leading you nowhere. That being said, if you expect to drive traffic and monetize the contents or the website, being more selective when picking a keyword.


To do keyword research, you first make a list of the topics or that you are interested in using. Once you have the topics, you should then should then choose keywords on every topic that you think users will be searching for on the search engines to access the content you want to create. Using those keywords, research for related items on the net and find out any similarities that your keywords have. You can then reformulate your keywords and come with the best ones.


There are software tools that you can use nowadays to do the research so as you only use the efficient and valuable keywords that will not only make you rank high but will also make your content be searched by many people.

Here is a sample video on,How to use analyze a profitable low competition keyword using JAAXY keyword tool


Type your keyword research below in the widget.

Click here to try out the 30 free keyword searches with the JAAXY Keyword Research tool.

Best Keyword Research Tools that You Can Use:

You can use Google keyword planner; this free software tool gives you keywords after going through the related pages of your niche. It also considers what your competitors so as to make sure that you have effective and valid keywords.


Jaaxy, Long Tail Pro, SECockpit and the KW finder are also keyword research tools that present to you valuable information regarding your keywords. You will, therefore, know whether to use them or not to depend on how strong they are on the search engines. Some other software tools can track the performance of your keyword and bring real-time statistics to you.You can track the performance of your keyword using SEMrush so that you know whether it is performing well or not. It is good to know how your keywords are performing so that you take the necessary action before it’s too late.

In Summation

Keywords are the backbone of your content; they define your content or topic thereby giving every page you creates a typical identity. If your keywords are not competitive, that means your content will be submerged in the millions of web pages and people will not find it.


There are tools that you can use to analyze the keywords strength and effectiveness so that you only use valuable keywords that will add value to your content. When writing your content, make sure that keyword usage is of high quality, avoid using your keyword many times but also use it moderately so that the keyword creates an impact to the search engines.



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You mention the use of long-tail keywords. This is something I try and create for every post title. I use a keyword tool and generally try and find long-tail keywords with over 50 monthly searches, finding more searches for my niche is seldom found. Then I look at the competition numbers which are usually low, anything in the teens and below suits me fine, many-times these long-tail keywords have competition in single figures. I make sure the keywords are placed in the same order somewhere within the top fold of the article making sure they read perfect sense and use… Read more »

Hi, I am new to blogging and have just started to experiment with different keyword tools out there. I was told that Google Keyword Planner’s metric is based on paid traffic data so using it to rank for SEO isn’t going to be very wise.

What’s your thought about that? Thanks.