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Learn How to Build Your Own Website for Free

Build A website for Free

OK, Here We Go.

You cannot think of an online business without having a website.

A website is an essential tool if you are considering to engage in a local business of any size online or for any purpose such as an interactive blog site for niche focused or affiliate marketing etc. A website is a foundation in where you will lay out your business ideas and strategies.

If you think building a website is one heck of a headache, just because you feel it must require a certain level of computer science knowledge and you don’t have one.

And just to have one, if you think you would need professional help to design it and will have to bear some expense behind it, just stop thinking too far about it. I have been through the same though process.

If you intend to build your website for free, there are many ways to do it today.

Earlier, building a website and designing was a tedious job with the use of codes, for such tasks seeking a professional were the only solution. But now we have a lot of free blog sites, and open source content management system (CMS) software’s to create a site.

Some of the platforms which at least few of them may be aware of are WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Wix, etc. All of it is User-Friendly and setting up all of them is easy following instructions, as it is easy to comprehend for any layperson with basic information on handling internet and computer.


How to build your website for free?

So, now you are aware of the platforms available to create a website.
The best choice for newbies or beginners or dummies whatever you want to call yourself, I recommend is to go with the WordPress platform.

WordPress is genuine and the best content management system easy to setup, install and get things rolling.

Did you know?

  • That the Big Brand such as BBC America, Sony Music, CNN, Walt Disney, Ebay Inc, The Rolling Stones, MTV News and many to name uses WordPress platforms for their websites.
  • WordPress counts 48.8 million monthly comments on blogs.
  • More than 27 % of WordPress websites are used globally.


Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress:

  1. Its free.
  2. Easy to manage, organise and publish a wide range of materials like multimedia files, ads, complex contents etc.
  3. It can hold any magnitude of web platform pressure as your business grows up.
  4. Easy for search engines to optimize and index.
  5. It is secure, user-friendly and enormously adaptable towards users ranging from the level of Novice to High expertise equally.
  6. Offers about over 4000 various themes and styles to choose and maximum customization options.
  7. Free plugins over 45,000 to add on to your WordPress which optimize your site look good and responsive for which you won’t have to look anywhere else. Plugins are programs that adopts font changes, gallaries and newsletters etc.
  8. No need for HTML codes to operate.

Watch here the tutorial on, How to set up WordPress site in under 30 minutes;

After, WordPress; what you need is a Webhost.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting


Oh! yes. I know you are new to this terms. Let me explain it you in simple words.

For example, assume that a Webhost does the job of an event management ( a company which offer services for parties, events such as a wedding, etc. ); They host your event on their given platform where everything is taken care off and runs smoothly. It put you in a good reputation, and you are content that you offered your best to your visitors or audiences, but all of this comes with a price, right.



So basically, a WebHost fires up your Website making it visible to the online world,

  1. It works round the clock to keep site rolling with unrestricted access,
  2. Allots you storage spaces and back ups,
  3. Technical support,
  4. Domain( com, net, org, edu, info, etc.) and Email ,
  5. Private email for your business,
  6. Web security and give credibility to your business,
  7. SEO service and content management.

Like, I said the web hosting services and domain name’s ending with dot com, dot net, dot org, etc. all comes with a price, and there are many service provider which offers plans charging on a monthly and yearly basis plus it has its own advantages.
Here I want to introduce you to a free Website building platform which is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate is an open university for the internet business community. They offer up to two free websites in there SiteRubix platform which is powered by WordPress. Hosting services provided by Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best offered in industry.


The whole site building platform is a state of art web hosting platform at WA, it covers all aspects of your website hosting creating, hosting and support for free; not a single penny or swipe of credit cards. sites are a wonderful for start ups and testing ground for your business. WA facilitates you as a member, an environment where you can experiment in building website where you don’t have to worry about installing software, do as many mistakes and improve etc. and you are never at loss for the damages you make during learning.

If you doubt, Why don’t you check it for yourself?

Well, if you are thinking that anything  free it’s not worth the deal. Convince yourself by figuring it out by yourself.

Absolutely no SCAM intended and no UPSELL‘S. Guaranteed!

If you have thought a name by now for the blog or online business, you want to begin. Put your website name in the space below and get the feel of the start of your business entity and start working on your online business.

Let me guide you through the Steps on, How to build your website for free.

  • First put your website name in SiteRubix platform and click on the blue button.
  • Create a Accout for free and you have access to build your free TWO Website for $ 0.00
  • Follow the Online training and set up WordPress account on the domain name you choose which is hosted for free by Wealthy Affiliate.

Should you have any query or need help with creating a website?

I am here at your service. Please, dont hesitate to ask if you need thing in regards to building a free website. You can leave a comment below or look for me inside Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur community and get in touch with me via My Profile. I hope by now you have gained some idea to build a website form this post on  “Learn how to build a website for free”.


  1. is good to know that in this day and time persons can mow build their very own website from the comforts of their homes. Gone are the days when we paid so much money to get a website build. Wealth affiliate has done a great job in helping by giving them the kind of training to do just that. Many are now enjoying the full benefits of running their own success business from home and it is because of all the wonderful training here at wealthy affiliate.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, you are absolutely right, building a website has never been an easy task without the help of professionals, than it is today. Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazing platform to start an online business for all kind of aspiring entrepreneur, with the kind of training they offer. It takes time to realize how WA has effectively simplified the methods of doing business from home all through a website andbeing your own boss.

  2. Hi Blesso
    A website is definitely needed to make money online. For a complete novice, can you really do it this easy? This Siterubix looks interesting, i might give them a try.
    If it’s free to get started i have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
    Thanks for info on how to get started.

    • Hi GregS,

      Thank you for the spending some time on the blog.

      The video on “30 seconds to set up a Website” is very easy to follow and provides you with all needed information at one place, no need to hop after forums or youtube videos, which is usually done by a curious newbie. Siterubix offers two free websites with free hosting inside of Wealthy Affiliate, with a free membership sign up; According to me it is the best place to do all the trails and errors you want to go through. We learn and improve from the mistakes we make. As promised nothing to lose, if it’s something anyone doesn’t like, they are free to abandon the process anytime. But, I assume anyone would love to stick around and learn something new for themselves as well as run a niche driven business on it.


  3. Hi Blesso!

    I still remember those days when you needed to hire a programmer to create a website… They were expensive, you always needed that person if you needed to change something, God… that was horrible!

    It’s so amazing the way you can easily create a site yourself from home today.

    SiteRubix, with the support of the Wealthy Affiliate online platform is indeed the best place to create a website. I’m really happy with it and I definitely recommend it for all those who want to take their online business to the next level.

    Thanks for your insights on this!

    • Hi Israel, Thank you for the comment and sorry for the delayed response. Technological and software advancement has really made things easy today. The best part is you don’t need to seek anyone to make changes to our websites. We have complete control over it. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely anamazing community and all the trainings and tools they offer itself is enough for any average joe to build a website and run their own online business.

  4. Thank you for your take on how to come up with website at no cost. A lot of web host Are now allowing free site as a bait so as to up sell and offer domain hosting latter.

    The challenge is that not many of them have the credibity and capacity to be a good host. How do one know which of these various website host will be good for business online?

    Some third world countries are restricted from sign onto this free feature of having a free website, do you know why and how they can sign on?



    • Hi John,

      Thank you for commenting and sorry for the delayed reply.

      Firstly, SiteRubix is mainly the state of art web hosting platform of Wealthy Affiliate.It offers 2 free website for Starter members through its quick Site Builder WordPress express which comes along with free hosting. is the domain identity which you get for your free websites and it is capable enough to get indexed and SEO’S.

      But, if you want to brand your site and online business, purchasing domain is the only option, it doesn’t come free anywhere. WA offers purchasing domain facility, its is clearly not a upsell and if you don’t want it from them, you can buy it from GoDaddy or NameCheap. Purchasing domain and getting it registered in the Internet world for your online business is same as you having ownership and authority of your real estate properties.

      Secondly, for a newbie who is looking to learn the ropes of online marketing, it’s impossible to beat free hosting provided by WA and it is a great deal! They don’t have to pay anything and it is not a bait into any forced payments later. Most hosting companies put a separate fee for hosting even it they offer you free website. But as a member, if you are sober and ambitious about taking your online venture into different level, there are advanced feature hosting privilege to push your online business to be secure and successful, for that you need to go premium.

      Lastly, Not all the countries comes under the restricted list. Just to name few Philippines, India, Pakistan and some parts of Africa like Nigeria. This is mainly because these countries are largely prone to the internet related scams and crimes. To prevent this kind of activities, internet is subject to scrutiny and under Government security regulations and this has affected legit companies which offer their service online. So, going premium is the only alternative they are left with if they cannot avail free starter membership.

      Hope, I have tried adequately to reason with your queries, if there’s anything more I could help with you are always welcome.

  5. I remember the days when you had to hire a programmer if you wanted a website. That costed hundreds of dollars. We’ve certainly come a long way since then.
    Now with WordPress, you can pretty much do everything yourself without the benefit of a programmer. It’s so easy to publish, upload images, and carry out SEO tasks.
    I wish this was around when I first started looking into getting a website. It would have saved so much time and money.

    • Hi Paul,

      I too agree with your statement. Website building, carrying out SEO tasks, publishing content, etc. all still needs work, but it is easy to operate unlike in yesteryears.



  6. Hi! A website is crucial for building a business online. Great to know there are good options to get help for non designers/developers:-) i think your article is a good help to begin with, with many good advices for a newbie. Do you have any thoughts about specifik WordPress themes for specific niches? I think there are so many and hard to choose between them…

    • Hi Linda,

      The advancement in technology and applications have turned things feasible which in this case website building and WordPress, it is the best website builder usually preferred these days. 

      Regarding themes, there are several good premium themes like if you are into Amazon affiliate then “The Ultimate Azon Theme.”,  For E-commerce, WooCommerce themes by Theme forest. Genesis, Elegant, Thrive are some of the best themes bloggers and authority sites uses. These are the only few of them; I am aware off, am sure there are many out there.

       It depends, you need to test and see what works best for you. Having said that you could be successful with just about any theme free or premium.

      Thanks for dropping by,



  7. Hi Blesso,
    I joined Wealthy Affiliate on their free starter course to learn how to build a website, the way your video demonstrates how quick this is accomplished is reality, mine was up and running in a minute.

    I went through Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter package to learn how to accomplish creating my website further. Their freebie course is very straightforward learning, it’s a case of watching and implementing what’s been shown without requiring any prior technical knowledge in building a website.

    Since then I have moved my website into my own domain which was a cinch too and I’m still training with Wealthy Affiliate whilst my domain is hosted by them.
    Building a website is a lot easier process than I ever thought. How long have you been creating your website?

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