2017 Udemy Review – Is Udemy legit?

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Product: Udemy – Online Learning Market.

Price: $150-200 $15 per course.

($10 per course offer price)

Website: Udemy.com

Overall Rating: 90 out of 100.

As the credibility of any online platform is a matter of dispute nowadays, “UDEMY” which runs everything and sells everything via the internet, wouldn’t be spared to go under the similar process of thought screening for many online users before using them. So Is Udemy legit or Is Udemy any good?


Right off the bat, I want to explain “What is Udemy” about.

udemy courses review


It is an online educational marketplace which consists of a library of classes in the variety of discipline such as Marketing, IT and Software, Management, Business, Music, Design, Health and Lifestyle, etc.


Since its inception in 2009, they have expanded their portfolio of courses, which they claim to be over 45000 now, covering the topics likes of cooking, guitar training lessons, etc.


As my website primarily focuses on affiliate internet marketing and many other folks out there are into the same business, then the topics that may interest us such as on SEO’s, Website and Graphic Designing, ClickBank affiliate marketing and many other related things also are incorporated in Udemy Classes.



Who Is Udemy For?

If you ever thought that certain hobbies you are passionate about, which you longed to learn for some time but couldn’t like playing the guitar or piano, cooking, photography, gardening, etc. Or after your formal education years, you didn’t have the opportunity to educate yourselves and hone new skillset to boost your career because could not afford time and money to get back to university then you can take advantage of Udemy classes.


So basically, it is a place for individuals wish to advance and educate themselves on topic regarding which they are ignorant, or enhance their skills as well as gain the certification required for that next step in your career. This educational platform has more than forty-five thousand courses made by experts in their respective fields. There are courses suitable for people of all age and interests from coding to cooking.


So if you are thinking, “Is Udemy any good though“? Yes, it is and the Udemy has done a great job by incorporating it with a vast wealth of knowledge.


So far what you read is only a single side of the coin though. If you are an expert in a specific domain and have the necessary requirements to teach your skills, then Udemy could potentially be a pleasant place for you due to its massive member pool and the opportunity they offer to be an Instructor and make money within the Udemy system. You only have to be good at the thing you are trying to teach in order to create a course and try to get a good exposure.


Pros Vs Cons


1.) User-friendly.

2.) Registration is free.

3.) Affordable price.

4.) Courses can be attended within our flexibility of time, anywhere any device.

5.) It is a library of wealth of knowledge on the variety of subjects.

6.) Preview’s of Courses are available before buying.

7.) Asking questions and clearing doubts one on one with actual Author of the courses  are possible        via”Q&A” tabs in each classroom and is quite responsive from their side.

8.) A good base of Instructors with expertise in their domain.

9.) In-depth course material frameworks.

10.) Some free Udemy courses are also available.

11.) Lifetime access online anytime to the video training’s after a one-time fee upfront (future upgrade of prices on the courses you attended doesn’t affect your lifetime access.

12.) After every course completion a Certificate of Completion is awarded.

13.) No upsells.

14.) Easy to decide if a particular course is for you by going through the course outline before buying.

15.) A Refund guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

16.) Courses accessible via mobile phones, tabs, laptops or PC’s.

17.) Android and iOS apps are available for Udemy, with offline file downloading and viewing features.

18.) Course Materials are updated regularly by Instructors.



1.)Refunds are rejected if the courses were bought from an iOS mobile app.

2.) Mostly all the Udemy classes online are paid. In that case, each time you have to pay for a course you willing to attend.

4.) The price of the course may vary over time depending upon the Udemy‘s terms and condition or as per Instructors requirement.

5.) The problem that arises from all of this is that there are loads of different courses regarding each topic and theme and it could be quite difficult to choose from them.

6.) The preview of the training may not be convincing enough for you to decide if the course you are paying for is of good quality or has the content on what you are looking for.

7.) Star ratings and reviews cannot be considered as an efficient quality marker of the courses for the customer to buy a course. It still doesn’t give clarity on what is delivers. You cannot trust the ratings either since I personally have never seen all course with less than four stars.


Having said that, these are my individual views and opinions, but I must say the positive aspect outweighs the negative ones. And if there is anything you didn’t like about the training you attended you can take advantage of the money guarantee policy within 30 days.

Udemy Tools & Training


Udemy offers marketing tools for Instructors only-

1.) Course Landing Page – to share the course outline and its importance to those aspiring to pursue the course.
2.) Coupons – To attract students to the platform and to promote Instructor’s prepared courses.
3.) Promotional Emails – to promote other pieces of training of the Instructor to the students on their list.
4.) Bonus Lecture – for marketing products and classes to the students.

The platform is easy to navigate through the well-developed search toolbar. Each course receives reviews and star ratings from its students which allow new members to choose a right course based on that information. The design of the whole application is quite smooth.


The education is done through a series of high-quality videos, and all of the content loads quite quickly, which is of great significance.


Before courses are being put on the platform, each of the courses must pass the quality standards which Udemy has by an evaluation by their quality assurance team. That being said, considering the vast amount of classes they offer, I highly doubt that each course has passed through a thorough investigation before being put up. After all, the main idea of Udemy is to get sales, and each new course is a new opportunity for them.


What Is The Support Offered  At Udemy.com

is udemy any good



The options through which you could receive help in the platform after buying a course. Either by going through the Forums/FAQ’s or by directly asking the Instructors or Support Ticket.


The first option is actually inefficient as the forums are quite inactive and is just a set of FAQ’s, but if it does answers your query good for you. In the second option, it would be quite surprising if anyone other than the instructor of the particular course would actually answer your questions, so far I have not found that to be happening. And in many cases, your questions could end up unanswered. That doesn’t exactly provide the best experience to students. For example, I’ve seen the question “is Udemy good for affiliate marketing courses” left unanswered a bunch of times.


review udemy




For all other instances such as a request for a refund, problem with the platform or the instructor part of the application, you could contact Udemy’s staff through their ticket system stating your status, your problem and giving them a detailed explanation in order to allow them to answer respectively. The tickets are usually responded to within a few days. While, lately few complaints were raised against their support system in the the Consumer Affairs website.


So all of this begs the question “Are Udemy paid courses worth the money”. You could establish an opinion of your own while reading the next section of the review. I have seen few complaints raised by few of their customers.


Udemy Price

Paid Udemy Course will cost $15 (generally) to few hundred dollars, but on coupons or promotional offer, it goes down to $10 per course.


First, let’s begin by comparing the methods of payments with their competitors. Many educational courses based platforms offer monthly subscriptions and give access to their users on a particular set, if not all, of their content. In comparison, Udemy charges people per course.


The free set of classes Udemy offers is a great advantage as not many platforms grant that. I’m guessing you think that those courses will be of no real value, and you will be wrong. Just because something is “free” doesn’t mean its quality is poor. Expensive products don’t always imply that they are of high quality and vice versa.


The prices on the platforms are determined by the instructors which is why prices on a subject with the same theme might vary considerably in duration and price.

In order to gain recognition instructors are generally “forced” to initially offer their courses for free. Through attaining reviews and ratings, they market themselves better.


The advantage Udemy has is when it comes to people that are interested in just a few courses over the duration of a long time. It might come off to be much cheaper for the person to spend 30 EU or $ 32 on three courses in the span of 5 months, rather than be forced to pay monthly taxes to keep their access available. Once you buy a course on Udemy, its contents will be available to you until the end of time.


But there are instances where the course materials gets removed from the platform without notification given to customer which can be considered as a loss if they never had the opportunity to complete the course or make use of it for future references.




My Final Opinion of  UDEMY


In a world which is shifting and changing its conventional ways, new modes of learning are always popping up. Educational platforms are gaining momentum and will surely change the whole education system worldwide in the foreseeable future.


Udemy is a legit and trustworthy platform from which every person could benefit as long as they have the desire to gain new knowledge regarding a variety of topics in all spheres. The cost is especially valuable for people who would want to enhance their skills necessary for their hobbies or gain general knowledge about a certain subject.I have purchased few courses, and all of them were very informative and of value for the money. I haven’t faced any issues with the platform yet.


While it seems like I’m only flattering the platform, there are still many things they should oversee beginning with their rating system and course reviewing system, support system engagement with a quick response time and going as far as their business model. Taking in entirety in general what the platform offers, I would say pleasant experience is what Udemy is about, in all cases though.


A Final Glance at UDEMY.com

Name: UDEMY – Online Learning Market.

Website: UDEMY.com
Price: $150-200 $15 per course.
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100




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Hi Blesso, a very good read on Udemy and a description of what new customers can expect after joining.

I also like how you have plotted a step by step process in what they can expect after joining and the process in making an income online, but more importantly very informative.




Hey there,

You did a great job on describing Udemy with all the costs, the pros and cons and right to the point. I always wanted to know how this platform works and this article has helped me to get a deeper perspective on how useful it could be for one who wants to learn more.

Thank you for the review.



Wow Wow! I have never been to Udemy’s website but your post has given me a birds eye view of this website, that will make me better able to make a sensible decision if I decide to visit. The internet is evolving rapidly before our very eyes. In many ways it is a wild west frontier type of environment. Whenever signing up for any thing on the web one has to be very cautious and seek validation before doing so. With all its flaws it is still an amazing place to learn, earn and to shop


Great job.

I just got done with reading your 2017 Udemy Review and I have to say that it’s one of the best product reviews that I’ve seen in a long time.

I found your UDEMY review really informative and helpful.

Thanks for letting me know about this. Awesome.

Good to learn something today.