WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: Is It The Best Result Oriented Tool and Training Program?

Why Wealthy Affiliate? My Unique Standpoint

best result oriented SEO tools and trainign program



Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100.

Price: Starter Membership – $0

          Premium Membership – $49/month or $359/year 
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Eligible for: Newbie – Professional.

A Prelude to most talked about “Wealthy Affiliate”

My personal take on the Wealthy Affiliate.
Well, let us see how people looking for an online business start-up may look at it.
genius free online

BTW, What is it?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?
What kind of an Internet Program or Product, is it?
Just another MLM or PONZI scheme.
The Pirates of the Dark Internet World.
Get Quick Rich Overnight while you sleep and Rip you off later.
Your train of thoughts may go on and barge into all possible doors you don’t want to enter finding the truth. It is not your mistake if you assume such things because the internet has become a disgusting place to rely upon nowadays.
But, Wealthy Affiliate does not qualify in any manner to be the above-made speculations. So, Is it the Best Result Oriented Training Program still in the year 2017.
We will just figure it out going until the end of this review.

How can I explain, What Wealthy Affiliate is?

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best legit Internet Marketing Business Blueprint around, successful even in the year 2017.
To categorize it as a program or product would not be a Justice doing to them because they are more than that.
what is wealthy affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is an Open Internet Marketing University for entrepreneurs of all levels (which include industry experts and millionaires too) with a large business community following globally up to over 8,00,000 and counting every day. There are many advantaged from the remarkably detailed blueprint of the University for becoming successful online and the support system inside is awesome.
In the year 2005, Kyle & Carson, who were already a successful Internet Marketers and computer experts founded the “Wealthy Affiliate”. The fundamental principle on which WA works is to teach you, “How and What they did it be a Successful Entrepreneurs “. Just imagine, you have been working for someone or a company, and they always wanted you to work for them. Nothing to expect more, unless you are lucky to get some promotion, that too after a long wait.
But in here, WAU want to propagate their training program and long years of profitable business strategies and make you be your BOSS.
Sounds like a Bait strategy to leech you, Right? Well, I assure you it is not.
As a university, it has helped many looking to learn ropes of starting their own business online by giving them an edge with a good start up. Most of the venture for it members started from their home and now has taken it a whole new level as independent business authority as per competitive industry standard.
Within the WAU they offer websites and state-of- the -art, one of the best hosting programs services with active site support round the clock.
So, How does Wealthy Affiliate works?
The main focus of Wealthy Affiliate is to encourage and aid to build a Niche-driven website, then create an online firm, market it and get monetary benefits out it.
How to build a Niche website

Build A Niche Website

They have their dedicated Affiliate Program, which is also lucrative enough to earn a significant revenue.
( Note: The WA takes none of the benefits you reap from your business in any percentage, you keep what you earn for yourself in FULL, no Commission cuts.)

A Wealthy Affiliate PRO & CON’s


 The Pros
* It’s a warm, welcoming community with the huge network of entrepreneurs.
* Free Starter membership.
* Easy orientation guide to Getting Started.
* Free SiteRubix Website hosting Inclusive within the membership
* 24/7 Community Live Chat.
* Dedicated Wealthy Affiliate Search Engine within. For any reason you get stuck in your learning or building venture process, you get tonnes of information in here.
* Secure and fast with free SSL certificate for your website in WA state of the art hosting.
* Not a single day you can find WA having a day off.
* Quick responsive Site support.
No Upsells, except membership fee upfront, only if you wish to proceed yourself to an advanced level, No obligations whatsoever you can continue with the free starter membership for the lifetime.
And there are a lot of them the list may go on, as you start you would find out for yourself. The feel of the WA Site is more or less like a Facebook.
 Wealthy Affiliate program Pro and Cons

The Cons

* Hardly anything to mention.
          It could be quite overwhelming in the beginning finding too many pieces of information to follow.
* It’s not a Quick Rich Model to success, you need to persevere and be patient to reach your way to accomplish as it is in any business, but you will reach your landmark success.  
Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Sir. Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg were not successful overnight.


Anyone could benefit with WA.
I honestly believe it offers the best training program available for any level of expertise ranging from Amateur to Advanced Professionals for a real online business start-up and expanding online.
The reason why Wealthy Affiliate only works is they enable you to make money through education in the areas that are in focus and demand in today’s world.  
WA has members from all ages and educational backgrounds succeeding, even if they are inept with computers or marketing.


 Blueprints of Success

* Comprehensive Certification level based Interactive of 5 levels for Online Entrepreneurial Start Up, each level containing about 10 courses.



5 Tiers of Online Entrepreneur Certification

* Free Live Webinars weekly and available on replays from all years.
* Online library of over 1000 of great training in the form of Videos, Tutorial and active Classroom sessions
Active result oriented Classrooms

Active Classroom Sessions of Wealthy Affiliate

* Direct assistance from the founders and experienced entrepreneur coaches whenever required.
* One on One Marketing Mentorship
The training itself is adequate to understand the technicalities of building an online business.
Definitely, not a rocket science kind of stuff. It’s an excellent foundation course to get started online. Starting with the basics to advanced, laid out in an uncomplicated and easy to understand format.
Someone could crib around online that all these things could be found on the internet in forums and other places. Yes, they do, but they come along with a lot of junk strings attached to it.
You may get scam products or all talk no show leading to UPSELL’s after an UPFRONT’s or any other form of forced payments just to make you watch How they gonna shove you. Why beat around the bush?
For this reason,I like Wealthy Affiliate that they are transparent and straight forward with what they offer to you.
 Tools/Service for Success
* In-house, free unlimited keyword search tool which pulls data from ALL search engines, not just Google.
* Keyword list, Low competition.
* 3 click ready to roll WordPressExpress site builder via SiteRubix which comes with over 2000 themes, templates and plugins enough for SEO.
* Capable of adding over 30,000 versatile features to the website
* Advanced unlimited WA hosting privileges ( Premium Membership only).
Best Result Oriented SEO Keyword Research tool*  Cloud Hosting Unlimited (Premium Members)
* Rapid Writer, for content building and backup all content fired up in your Website for future use.
* The training itself is a robust and the best result oriented SEO training tool 
All in under one roof, most of the time to get the tools you have to pay for it separately or buy it outside the program. For instance, SEMrush, don’t get me wrong here, it is a fantastic marketing tool with a lot of features, but $99 .95 monthly for a basic subscription, most people who can afford will go for it. But, Wealthy Affiliate has managed to include as much as contrivances to get successfully started.
There are major update coming up inside of WA for the training and tool in future, beginning from May 2017.


It is above par the best quality you could reward yourself. Support is remarkably fantastic.
Many members who work in different time zone, but all their queries and technical glitches are troubleshot by the SiteSupport 24/7/365. 
Every articles, guidances, training and tools you need to paint yourself a thriving business online is inclusive at one place, that is Wealthy Affiliate. No need to hop around the search engines and websites to find what you need to get rolling. And I can vouch on that.
Besides the site support, you have private access to Owner of the University, Kyle CEO of WA and already well established experienced coaches. All in humility and due respect are accepted your silly and dumb questions regarding in the process of your learning and setting up the business, and you will get all your queries answered. Unlike, MNC you don’t  have to book an appointment or stay in a Queue to meet and talk the CEO.


Starter Membership: $ Zero. ( Enroll Here )
Sorry to disappoint some of the prospects from these countries such as Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and the Vietnam.
There are No Free Starter Membership offers if you belong to these countries, the primary reason for this is there are a lot of spam and frauds happening online from these places. Hence, for the safety of the University system, these countries are currently excluded.
But, you all can still take advantage of the Premium membership.
Premium Membership: $49 per month or $359 per year (Saver). ( Join Here )

These are the only price tags you are going to see upfront and no forced payment later on anything.
And yes, there are also sales offers they put randomly, where you could get a discount.


So, Is Wealthy Affiliate too good to be true?

The Verdict

The Final Verdict is —-
It is Legit and a Complete Package. A Big YES! To the University Program.
There is a reason why many members who were and is still part of Wealthy Affiliate rely on it and have faith in their system because IT WORKS as well as makes PERFECT SENSE. It is perhaps the best place to get started with affiliate marketing training.
I know several members who were into other similar good programs before they came to WA, but as they realized the potential of what Wealthy Affiliate offers, most of them continued here, and all of them have a unison opinion about Wealthy Affiliate on why it stands out among its bests.

WAU happened to me as an accident; I joined WA because it has a free starter membership, I liked it already and found it to be fool proof system. I joined premium membership later, as I knew already that I would be learning something new every day which is interesting as well. After few months, I had to leave the community for my personal reasons.
But, a sober curiousness and determination to start online business bug bit me. And I already knew which place to go for; I joined Wealthy Affiliate again after some time. I am happy, I did that and had no regrets. Learning new things here is addictive and fun, that you may not want to stop yourself from getting accomplished.

 Look, you could go through as many Wealthy Affiliate Reviews you want but unless you test you won’t know what opportunity one  is really giving a miss.
A business or dream only comes to fruition when one takes an ACTION.
Summon all your courage and determination and without a doubt build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate by taking ACTION.
That being said, if you need any help and want to me to make you understand better regarding anything on this site, I will be more than happy to assist you. You can leave a comment below or you can connect me at Bless01 @  Wealthy Affiliate.



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Blesso, nice clean review of WA, very well done.
Keep up the good work.


This review was incredibly helpful. I’m been searching for thoughts and opinions on Wealthy Affiliate. This will assist me in making my decision.


Hi, good read. Thank you for a pros and cons review. I always wonder about both. Thanks for the SEMrush comparison too.
One question, you said there are changes coming at the end of April. Do you what that entails? Is it better to wait?


Thanks for this review, I was looking for some Honest scam proof Affiliate programs and stumbled upon your website. I have heard a lot about this program and found so many positive reviews and there is no one who seems to be against of it. However, I m still skeptical about WA and want to know if this program provides legit way of earning and what’s the potential of the earning that one could achieve?. I know it’s just a game of hardwork and consistency but what’s your take on this?


If you want to learn how to build a business online you must start with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s costs nothing to get started and the program guides you through the step-by-step process of selecting your niche, building a website properly and starting your business online. The training teaches you how to organically get traffic to your site and doesn’t try to sell you shortcuts. WA stresses that you have to put the work in to be successful.

I also highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking to build an online business,



You can’t beat Free membership! Thank you for taking the time to give such an in depth review. I’m glad to hear WA is not an MLM program.

I understand that it takes time to build a business. How long would one expect to work at this before seeing results? Also, since it does take time, what are other ways you can measure success along the way to make sure you’re on the right track?



Hi Blesso,
Thanks for your comprehensive review of WA. I’m a premium member myself and found that you covered the benefits of the program well. It might help aspiring newbie to choose the legit platform to learn and build their business. Wealthy Affiliate delivers the purpose it is meant to be and highly recommended for anyone looking forward to create a online venture.

Keep up the good work!


Great review Blesso!!
Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great program to join.
You have mentioned SEMRush. What is this and how has Wealthy Affiliate incorporated it into their program?

Also, how long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?
Do you think it will be a lifelong subscription service or can you learn everything you need to learn and then leave?



Wow Blesso, this is a thorough and comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. As you have correctly pointed out here, there are many positive aspects and benefits of being a member of WA and there really is no downside other than the amount of information available can be a little overwhelming if you try to take it all in too fast. The good thing is, the lessons take you step-by-step so that you stay focused and on the right track. Great review!


I would like to build my own website but I think that writing is too difficult.

How can you write a huge article like this one? Did you learn it on Wealthy Affiliate or you had previous experience?

I have tried to write some posts on Blogger before and I could write over 300-400 word articles.

Hey Blesso, I too joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money online. Although there are loads of ways a website can accomplish an income, affiliate marketing is what inspired me to join as I had a huge interest in a niche and wished to earn money by writing articles & promoting products within my niche. I have found their training first class, it’s a case of watch a video and implement into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche. WordPress websites are very straightforward to build which surprised me. The role just requires determination to keep… Read more »

Blesso, I really like that you call Wealthy Affiliate an Educational System. They will give you the knowledge and it is up to you to use it. All the tools are there: the website set up, the hosting, the support, and great advice on writing content and how to get found by search engines. You’ve hit on all. Just keep reminding people that this is not a get rich quick. Well done.


Hey, thanks for this interesting, informative and overall great review of wealthy affiliate.
I joined wealthy affiliate some time ago and I still am enjoying it very much.
I even have made a few sales up until now which is great.
The training is great and so are the tools and the hosting.


Hi Blesso
Very informative article and honest review about Wealthy Affiliate. I can say this as a Premium member of WA. I had started with affiliate marketing two years ago but without any success. I stopped wasting my time on the internet. Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate platform and begun building a new site with the help of Certification Course and other learning tools in WA.
It is hard and time-consuming work but I enjoy very much.
Thumb up for the Wealthy Affiliate program !!!