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best keyword research tool for any niche

Am I the Keyword tool for you’r looking for!

Product Name: JAAXY

Overall Ranking: 9/10

Price: 3 Levels


* PRO –  $19/Month

* ENTERPRISE – $49/Month

Website: www.JAAXY.com

Developer: Kyle WA, CEO of JAAXY Enterprise.

Is “JAAXY” the Best SEO Keyword Analysis Research Tool?

Yes, it is.

JAAXY is an impressive and one of the best keyword research tool for any niche, which also put micro niches into consideration.


If you are into the realm of blogosphere or internet marketing or affiliate marketing and wants to outsmart your competitor, when it comes to SEO. Then, this is one fantastic keyword tool you shouldn’t give a miss into your arsenal.


It is already a tool of choice among many successful online entrepreneurs engaged in a variety of niche.

What does JAAXY do as a keyword research tool?

As any keyword research platform is primarily used to give your well-prepared quality content with a marketable value by embedding a relevant keyword seed, JAAXY as tool analyzes that seed.


JAAXY provides a list of “Cherry Picked” low competitive keyword searches pulled out from all of the search engine filtered through its intense inbuilt quality checker indices and market viability variables. Choosing a low competitive keyword is like a hitting a bull’s eye strategy for content ranking.


Embedded keyword has the ability to attract SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which in turn put your content in Top Spot on search engines, which means Traffic is driven to your content, more the traffic more the opportunity, and it converts to a Revenue. This is what all the marketer working online wants.


A keyword plays a significant role, and JAAXY works like a charm finding those keywords associated with your content.

What is JAAXY capable of?

what is the best keyword research tool for seo

Power of JAAXY

* Flipping Domain Name  

JAAXY finds you a keyword potential of having significant SEO power, the flow of traffic and searches in Search Engines and shows you the domains (.com,.net,.org) you can pin it on. So, this way you can keep this Domain which has a value to yourself or sells it, either way, you yield a profit.


* Blink of an Eye speed Niche Research

Niche Research is time consuming at times and frustrating to figure out the one you want to go with. This tool finds you a list of niche idea in 10 minutes tied along with search volumes, traffic and available domain name, thereby saving your time.


* Comprehensive Keyword Research Methods

Affiliate Marketing Keywords

Keyword Soup

ALPHABET SOUP methodology, JAAXY has it own dedicated Google instant kind of keyword search methods which generate most tops searched keywords in alphabetical order. This gives further room to refine down those keywords in JAAXY.

Thereby, it looks into every effort not to miss the gold mine of keywords hitting in all angles.


* Accurate Competition Metrics 

Being unaware of a number of websites competing and are ranked for a particular keyword, is like you are rolling the dice, being not sure where your card going fall.


JAAXY uses it’s own robust algorithm for a URL or Site search (SERP) analysis method and gives an accurate number of site competing for a particular keyword in the Search engines.


This feature also shows you the details on Number of the keyword used, Keyword Density, Site Title and Meta tags, Alexa Rankings, Word count in content, etc.


This in terms is the single most valuable piece of data, making it convenient to reverse engineer to strategy and prepare a quality content, as well as choose an active low ranking keyword giving a competitive edge against it contenders.

Understanding Parameters in JAAXY-


JAAXY is the best keyword tool

Parameter used in JAAXY


Keywords  – Generated Keyword pulled out and refined from all of the Search Engines are shown here.


Avg – Average number of searches for the particular keyword made per month.  A minimum of 50 and above is acceptable, don’t look down below this. But there are situations even less than 50 will work, but it will require some more research.


Traffic – No. of visits per month to the website. Any traffic is OK and will work when we are choosing a keyword.


QSR – Quoted Search Results means No. of Websites in competition for the exact keyword. Below 300 is always fine, but lesser the QSR, higher is the keyword quality.


KQI – Keyword Quality Indicators are shown in color codes.


* GREEN – It displays the most potent keyword, this is what we want and looking forward to using.

* YELLOW –  Average strength.

* RED – As you know RED is always a warning signal. In this case, it means it is not worth the try.


SEO – Higher the SEO ranking, greater it has the potential to rank in Search Engines. It starts from a scale of 1<—> 100, mashing it up in combination with KQI will give some idea which one to go with.


Domains –  Gives you available Domain’s corresponding to the keyword displayed.


Related Searches – Show you alternative keyword selections interconnected with the one you searched.


*Brainstorm – It is a quick link to Brainstorming feature to dig out further ideas to keywords and niche breakdowns.


* Note: This are not analyzing metrics, but shows you additional details and keywords to brainstorm new ideas.

The PRO’s & Con’s



* Easy to navigate layouts panels


* User-friendly Interactive Interface.


* Online application compatible with PCs, Laptops and Smartphones.


* NO software download and install, then update torture’s.


* Affordable payment plans.


* Lightening speed searches generating more than 100 of results.


* data collected are directly involved and well integrated with popular search term made in Google and other Search Engine.


* Multi-thread  Search tasking abilities.


* Offers powerful contending Low Hanging Fruit – These are the keyword we want and is best for ranking in Search Engines.


* Site Rank analysis – You can put the keywords in your content into to site rank search bar and see where your content or post/page rank in Search Engine for that specific keyword, this is another way to know that your content is Google  Indexed.


* Accurate Keyword and SEO analysis.


* Easy to understand Quality Analyzing Parameters.


* Brainstorming Niche and Keyword idea features


* Keyword List Organizer Features – It can be downloaded and used for future reference


* Detailed, informative tutorial and statistics, on how to juice the best out of JAAXY.



* Nothing much.


But, need to make a point inform all of you that there are no well designed perfect tools to last forever. If there was then, all Famous Microsoft Office platform, may not need an update or new versions rolling every time. So, it goes with iOS, Windows, Android, etc.

How much does it cost?


JAAXY offers 3 Pricing points.


 Free – 30 free search queries each month on signing up.

You can have your 30 free searches now by clicking in the space inside of the widget below:


PRO– For monthly $19/Month. (Sign Up here)

ENTERPRISE– For monthly $49/ month. (SignUp here)

To whom is JAAXY recommended for?


JAAXY is perfect and useful for all level of Content Marketer and people who work on Search Engine Optimization digging traffic wells to drive traffic to their websites.


I recommend to go with JAAXY Pro, it is affordable, efficient and fast enough to generate results for beginners and advanced levels. I personally rely on the PRO version for my keyword research.


But if you’re serious about your online business presence, JAAXY Enterprise version is the best. It unleash the full capability of JAAXY for advanced Entrepreneurs who are already an authority within the internet industry and always want ahead of the game.

The Bottomline


Wrapping up this review, I want you to let you know that it is one of the best result oriented SEO Keyword Research Tool. The keyword is essential to give your contents a marketing edge to push forward and rank. Better Ranking is Better Conversion to Sales. Score’s of Internet Marketer uses a keyword tool for their business. Hence it is not a sales gimmick, but a must have weapon in your arsenal. But, I also want to alert you that always CONTENT is the KING and above the keyword’s sometimes. Better having it Tried, than Bragging. I recommend you to give a try with JAAXY to find how it works for you.


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Hi, i just finished reading Jaaxy review. Thanks about it.
Have you tried it on some of your website to see how it has affected your website in terme of traffic?


Great insights of the use of Jaaxy tool. I am actually on a free account. Even with a free account it is already showing powerful results and helps in compiling keywords for your content.
I bet if anyone reading this is an active content contributor via the internet, it is a no brainer to consider a pro account at least.

I have been using Jaaxy for 3 years now and it has really speed up my understanding about keyword research and implementing it on my blogs. I like how easy it is to interpret the results especially with the ‘traffic light system’ where good keywords are visible. The only downside is that the metrics for the original keywords don’t usually show on the first loading. For example, keyword A might have less than 10 Searches and less than 10 QSR on your first attempt, but after you refresh the page for the second time, you’ll be able to see their… Read more »

Jaaxy is good, even much better than the crappy tools out there which show the wrong data and confuse the audience. I use Jaaxy to the fullest, Never got any complaint. Filtering out Keywords with the real time gathering and efficiency using Jaaxy is so much fun and easy to manage too. I didn’t know many things that Jaaxy hide in its store before I read this article. Thanks for making time and write for us.


Hey there!

I am so happy to see this article. Jaaxy is literally the best keyword tool you can use as a internet marketer. Keywords are so Important to persons success online that IT is important they are doing their research properly. It gives you exactly the metrics you need to pick the perfect keyword for any article you might be using.

I use Jaaxy everytime I am looking for a new keyword, sometime I even stand in the bank line up and search keywords from my mobile phone!

Philip Colbert

Hi Blesso,

I love Jaaxy! Nothing like it on the web. It does everything you need to get those low comp tasty keywords that you can make a perfect title from.

And because they are low you have greater success with them over time as people are actually looking for them, thus, enhancing your chances of getting 1st page ranks.

I use Jaaxy on a regular basis but I still learned a nice few tips here, thanks Blesso!



Thomas Ydell

Jaxxy is one of the best if now the best keyword research tool I have used. and I have used a lot of them

I use Jaxxy every single time I am going to write a blog post or research a niche

Great article and review, I also use the alphabet soup method for doing research on good long tail keywords to use