Is Clickbank a scam or legit?

Clickbank Affiliate Network Review

What is Clickbank About?

Clickbank is an affiliate networking site which boasts off with more than 500,000 affiliate publishers that are located worldwide. This simply means that the advertisers who use this product have the potential to reach a wider audience.


It is currently the largest affiliate network that is designed to promote digital products such as membership site, software, eBooks and other downloadable. For those who want to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate, understand that the merchandises here are somehow limited to digital items.

Understanding the Two Sides of Clickbank

You can either join Clickbank as a Publisher (marketer) or as a Vendor. These are both important parts of what is Clickbank about.

Vendors :

Vendors are fundamentally the owner of the digital product. They are allowed to submit their product on the marketing platform that can be accessed by the consumers and the affiliate marketers.

 is clickbank legit

Clickbank serves as the ‘middleman’ between the brand and the customers. Although, that being said they are primarily responsible for the payment confirmation, order processing, and customer service.

Clickbank takes away the hassle of creating a merchant account and managing orders online. Vendors should do nothing more than to set-up their sales page and upload their digital products. It comes with different features that allow you to monitor your sales.

Publisher :

Another way to join the Clickbank affiliate marketing site is by signing up as a publisher or affiliate marketer, this is intended for those who want to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate. I

f you successfully signed up as a marketer, you will access to their enormous database of digital products and find the product that you like to promote. Being a Clickbank affiliate, you will be provided with a referral link that can be used to post on their website, social media account or their e-mail message. They will be getting a commission for every completed sale.

 Good  VS  Bad, side of Clickbank

Without a doubt, Clickbank is definitely one of the highest converting and viable affiliate marketing platforms. However, nothing is perfect in this industry; So I decided to list some of the good and the bad stuff about this affiliate marketing network. Their pros and cons will show you “What Clickbank is about”.



1•)  Anyone is Welcome-As opposed to the other affiliate networking site that has a requirement on a number of unique page views of your site or previous track record, Clickbank has no strict requirements when it comes to joining their site.

Signing up for an account is super easy. This is probably one of the several reasons why most beginners on blogging choose Clickbank to make money as an affiliate. However, there are some countries that are not permitted in their list of registration.


2•) The Publisher Is Free to Choose Who they Promote- Compared to the advertising network where the system is basically in control of the ads that will appear on your website, but in this case, you are basically in control of the ads.

So, it means that you will be able to show ads that are relevant to the niche of your site. In addition to that, they also do not have a strict process when you are promoting a particular product.


3•) A Large Database of Digital Product- For those who want to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate, there are more than 46,000 products that you can promote.


4•) Fewer Restrictions on Promotions- Besides spamming, the affiliate networking site is not imposing a limitation on how you will promote your digital product. Having said that you have the liberty to opt different methods to advertise your product such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing or paid advertisement.


1•) There Are Lots of Inactive Merchants- Clickbank will not monitor the activity of their merchant. After the sign-up process, they will not track the dealer if they are staying in compliance with the terms and regulations of the network.

There are times that you will be promoting a product from an inactive merchant without realising it. And Clickbank will also not warn you if you are pushing a digital product from an inactive merchant. This lack of monitoring will make you ask ‘is Clickbank a scam or legit’.


2•) Lots of Self-Help Products- A considerable amount of the digital products that you will find in Clickbank is about ‘Get-Rich’ scheme. Though most of them offer a money-back guarantee, it can still affect the company’s credibility.


3•) Inadequate Promotional Tool- The affiliate networking site does not provide affiliate banners. Besides, they also do not have a useful tracking tool aside from the primitive TID tracking tool. This is a bit unfortunate since similar affiliate networking sites such as Sell Health will allow you to utilise your tracking code from AdWords.


4•) Affiliate Marketers Will Be Charged with a Fee- Clickbank is the only affiliate networking site that is dividing the fee between the marketer and the vendor.

How Are Marketers Getting Paid?
Clickbank is sending the payment to their affiliate marketers twice a month. You have the option to receive your payment through direct transfer or check.

In order to receive a payment, you will be required to meet their requirements. This is important for those who want to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate.


5•) Payment Threshold- threshold is the amount of revenue that you have to reach before they release your payment. The default payment threshold of Clickbank is set at $100.


6•) Customer Distribution- Clickbank will only release your payment after you made at least 5 completed sales.

If by any chance that Clickbank is not offering a direct deposit to your country, an easier way to receive your payment would be through Payoneer.


Is Clickbank A Scam or Legit?

The affiliate networking site is definitely a legit business. However, since it is the largest affiliate marketing network today, it has a tendency to attract scammers. They do not have a strict screening process or high standard that will prevent the scammers from using their system.

Clickbank is a reliable platform who always sends their payment on time. In order to keep away from the scammers, you should research about the digital product that you are trying to promote to minimize customer complaints and disappointments.


Clickbank is unquestionably a perfect place to start earning online especially if you are a beginner. Affiliate marketers should make sure that they are promoting only the highest quality of the product. If possible, you should test the product first before promoting them. For the vendors, Clickbank has more than 500,000 marketers who will ensure that your product will get your required visibility.



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