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Thank you for stopping by at Genius Profits Affiliate Marketing blog.

You have landed in the right place and will be safely guided and enlightened about honest ways to make money online.

Well, If you had never known that your Craze or Niche could convert into money, a secondary source of income stream, be aware of it now.


Imagine your own business which you could carry out from your home or any place on the earth through the internet. Working on your terms and with full liberty. Yes, it is possible. Get out of the cave right now and if you never had a hobby such as blogging start getting your head into it.


I know a newbie would waste their time and energy thinking, “What do i write a blog for? Is this search driving you nuts. Let me make it easy for you. In your blog, you will write about your hobby or a activity you are very crazy about .

For instance, If you are passionate about cooking you, write about your culinary skills and post new recipes or If you are a tech savvy person, you write about it and make a post on latest trending technologies in the market, as simple as that.


Some are passionate about lifestyle trends, fitness, sports, travelling, etc. I have given you ample to ponder over if I succeeded creating that intuition inside your mind, map yourself down to your passion and invent an online business with it.


 But how does it earn you money?

Well, you link your passion to kinds of stuff available in online and market it through your blog through marketing giant affiliates like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, EBay, Wealthy Affiliate, etc. there are many of them. Such kind of marketing is also known as Niche marketing.


In here, at GPAM my intentions are pure, and My mission is to help you folks start up a legit online undertaking. And in this endeavor, I will be at my best possible to help and reveal the best system online available to all of you to succeed and lead your life with pride and heads held high.


You could be a Housewife and a Mother or a Dad. A youth or a job seeker dragging your life through unemployment. A worried Retiree or a College Student in need of a pocket money for your expenses. A disabled person or anyone who is in the midst of struggles of life, we all are there in some place of crisis, in a storm and looking for a financial breakthrough.

Unlike, brick and mortar business, online venture doesn’t cost you a fortune. In here you are not offered to be butchered by any SCAM’s, Rip Offs, fake Quick Rich schemes but only GENIUS PROFITS, hence GPAM.


A piece of advice, Quit believing in success overnight.


GPAM directs you through the best training, technique and tools available provided by one of the best, Wealthy Affiliates University of online marketing which is always up to date with time, competitions in existing market and up to par when it comes to service and accessibility.


There is a huge community globally following “WEALTHY AFFILIATES” there is nothing like it available within the industry. It has aided many successfully set up  and it has become a primary source of income for them, and they have taken it up to a whole new level.

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So, Why Wealthy Affiliates? Because this is where I have started after falling into series of scam attacks and quick rich booby traps, you know what I mean (Check “About me” page).


I am handing you a torch which is legit and real to lead your way through the darkness of the online world and make you reach towards the light of hope and success at the other end with learning internet business adventure with Wealthy Affiliates.

Believe me you have nothing to lose, not a dime. You have come this far because you had a purpose, step in and explore some thriving honest ways to make money online.


Chime in and explore today, Sign Up Now for Wealthy Affiliates”  free life time membership to the biggest entrepreneurial community for ZERO DOLLAR investment, where internet marketing learning begins. 100% Genuine. 



  1. Hi Blesso,
    Great post, lots of useful info here. Really like the way you You have put passion/hobby as a way to earn money online. Fantastic work and thank you for sharing this with us.

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