How To Get People To Read Your Blog?

Ways to make your target audience stay on your site is more important than just having them show their head to you and say “OK Bye”. Let not the Analytics trick you, by satisfying into something you don’t want to workout to see the desired progress and conversions.


How to make your audience stay on blog is probably going to be the most thought and asked topic by any blogger, especially when it’s a newbie stage. And it is important because the longer they stay better your rankings will be, by the way we are talking about traffic here.


 So, How to get people to read your blog?

Are you wondering why people are not reading your blog? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of blogs on the internet that don’t get visitors. One thing that they have in general is that they don’t write for a target audience.


All the search engine optimization strategies can’t help them if they are not writing for the right reasons. If you are wondering “how can I get more traffic to my website”, then below are some of the ways.

But before you find out how you can get more people to read your blog, you should first know what traffic is and how you can get it.


Well, this is not the traffic we talking about here.


  What is Traffic in SEO?

Well, it’s definitely a traffic you want and won’t cuss on it if it comes your way.

In simple terms, Traffic is the number of visitors that a website gets.When a visitor lands on a web page, one’s presence is recorded along with the links where they came from. The number is added up and provides the website owner with an idea of how many users have visited it. It is one of the factors that determine the success of a blog or website.


What is traffic in SEO

The kind of Traffic we want for our blog


Think of it as in this way, One Traffic = One Person/Individual/ Customer; So if you have someone visiting your store or business, it’s certain that they are looking for something either for information or buying. If you are looking for a conversion (sale) as a blogger or owner, I would say respect the Traffic/Customer and do something with your blog to earn that respect.


There are several reasons why you need to analyze your traffic. One of the reasons is that it provides you with a way to monitor the reach of the website. Getting thousands of hits in just a week might seem like the website is doing well.However, on a closer look at the visitors, you’ll find out that they only stay for less than a minute, and don’t look at other content on the site, you can analyze using Google Analytics to see hows your traffic behaving and performing in your blog.


Increasing the number of people to read your blog takes time, skill, quality content necessarily a problem solver and a little bit of luck.
You should know how to write for people first search engines second. That way you can attract more traffic, and get your content noticed. While SEO is important, it is important that you optimize your content for people first before you improve it for search engines.


* Write for People First Search Engine Second

One thing that most bloggers and website owners overlook about content writing is that people should be the priority before search engines.


Content has always been made with people in mind. When the blog gives something informative and valuable to visitors, it will likely have a higher search engine ranking.

Search engines provide results based the relevance of the content, and the authority of the website. Sites that have more compelling content will make people want to share the content with their friends. When done on a consistent basis, then your authority and trust will help improve the traffic of the blog, as well as its ranking on search engines. That’s why it is important to write for people first search engines second.


Do the SEO Last.Since it is important that you create content that pleases people first and searches engines second, you should write the blog post first before trying to fit in the keywords that you want to rank.You can focus on writing about the most important points of the topic, and avoid making grammatical errors.


When you write for people first search engines second, you don’t focus on the where to place the keywords. You just require keeping in mind that it is people who will be reading the blog post and not the search engines.


Use Subheadings Appropriately
It is important to format the article to make it more reader and SEO friendly. Subheadings can help break the wall of text and at the same time help with the SEO of the content by placing keywords in them. You should also use numbered lists and bullet points in the content whenever possible. That way the reader can get the message of the content in a couple of seconds.


 * Write for Target Audience

Write for targeted audience to get targeted traffic

Targeted Audience

Another way to get more people to read your blog is to write for the target audience.

You should know who your audiences are, and what they care about. It is important that you speak to your target audience through the blog, instead, of just writing about the subjects they are interested in.


When you don’t know who your audiences are, you go back on the niche. The blog has to be about something. But if you don’t have a well-defined target audience, then you start writing about your niche. More often than not, the topics are not the ones that your audience wants to read about.


That’s why it is important that you write for target audience before anything else. You should remember that the customer is the main character, and not you.You want to provide them with ways on how to solve their problems, providing them free knowledge or guide to tackling their problem or aiding to settling down with a decision to progress instead of trying to make them buy things.


Speaking the language of your audience will also help make your blog relatable to them. You don’t write to impress, but instead, reach out to your target audience. Use terms that resonate with them, instead of using words that are hard to understand.


You will get more traffic if you create more targeted content that provides high value to your audience. And with high-value content, your website will rank better on search engines. And targeted visitors will start pouring into your blog.When you write for the target audience, you will get visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. This will, in turn, make it easier for you to convert them into a paying customers.

That’s why targeted traffic is important when it comes to website monetization.



There’s no definite science when it comes to get more traffic to your blog. Aside from skill and experience, you also need patience and some luck. But you can get lady luck to be on your side by practicing the best practices when creating content for your blog.


You should write for people first search engines second to get more people to read your blog. Search engine optimization will come naturally when you write for the target audience.By creating content for people first, you improve the value of your blog. As a result, both visitors and search engines will start to notice your blog and traffic will start to grow on.




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I love your wit and sense of humor! You really explain things easily enough for any newbie to understand – for that I’m grateful since I’m still new at this website thing. This is some great information and things that everyone running a blog should know! I love the advice about writing for your audience first and the search engine second! Sometimes I can get caught up in keyword research and over think things to the point in which they don’t naturally flow. I’ve heard that TIME is a big factor when it comes to getting traffic too. How much… Read more »

You touched on what I consider the most important part of blogging and that is you have to do it for the right reason. If you are sincerely writing and sharing your story, information, etc. for the purpose of truly helping someone else find what they need, then eventually the traffic will come as the search engines begin to trust you. If you post to your blog for the express purpose of making money, it will show and, as you say, “bye…”.
Nice work.


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