eBay Partner Network Review – Can You Make Money On eBay

Name: eBay Partner Network 

Website: www.PartnernNetwork.eBay.com
Price: Free to Join
Owners: eBay
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

eBay Partner Network Overview

If you are looking to do affiliate marketing with and make money from eBay, then you should join their affiliate program eBay Partner Network (EPN).


eBay is an already worldwide successful e-commerce corporation with 13 global websites presence( USA, UK, Canada, Austrailia, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France Germany, Italy, Netherland, Spain, Switzerland).


The marketplace brags with access to 900 million listings of products open to millions of online users the best possible rates and deals with multiple shopping options.


If you want to engage yourself in an affiliate program, then you should definitely consider this eBay shopping online site to begin with. This program has an extensive variety of tools that will help you enhance your campaigns and create some interactive and creative ads.


Whatever your product target is, eBay affiliate program will offer you the opportunity to make use of some incredible tools that will enhance your blog or whatever channel of advertisement you opt no matter what. And then you can get a look at the wide variety of colorful graphic ads, which you can choose from and use them to your blog.


So how this stuff work is, if your site has decent traffic it will attract more targeted customers that will be then directed to the eBay products and hence the conversions. A website is not the only means you can promote their products, taking advantage of the social media is highly encouraged.


The Good

1.) eBay’s greatest advantage is that it is part of the biggest online auction and shopping websites in the world.


2.) Quick approval of the application, newbie marketers are welcome.


3.) Any one from anywhere can join their affiliate program no specific prerequisites which mean no more of that few metrics like a website or traffic or number of social media follower etc. are a requirement.


4.) They don’t care what your site is about; you can still promote eBay product alone in a niche site or a site participating in other affiliate networks. But of course, it is not permitted for a site which has contents over topics on Adult (sexually explicit), abusive, kids related, violence, discrimination and terrorism, etc.


5.) eBay now encourages to promote their promotions to any channel but still to comply with the rules and not violating term and condition of promotional channels.


6.) Double commissions bonus only for first three months on your affiliate relation with eBay on the purchases from buyers capped up to $ (or) CAD (or) AUD 5000 in an amount based on the currency of your account.

7.) New Deals Daily of eBay entices the buyer to purchase the products.


8.) You get the commission for sales made from any part of the world, not like the scenario as Amazon.


9.) EPN support PayPal payment and direct transfers if available for the particular countries.


10.) Extensive range of promotional tool for publishers.


11.) eBay affiliate commission varies between 40% and 80% depending on the merchandise type.


12.) The commission for Qualifying Transaction ( a successful sale) is based on the percentage of eBay’s revenue earns by a particular purchase.


13.) eBay tracks your clicks, conversions and keeps you posted with all the earning you made the day after all Qualifying Transaction on purchases.


14.) Affiliate marketing with eBay has another significant advantage. This program pays you fast and easy every 22nd of each month.


15.) Finally, effective from June 2017, this program has a low payment threshold. Most of the affiliate programs have even $50.00 for a threshold. However, this program has only a threshold of $10.00 earlier it was $25.


This means that when you go over that limit you will be able to get paid and it would be carried forwards in the case of the minimum limit was not achieved in a single month. Since it is lower than the average, you will be able to reach it faster and pay you quicker.


16.) New or Reactivated Buyer bonus ( a buyer who is “new” as well as a buyer who didn’t make any purchases on eBay in last 12 months) which is you will receive an extra bonus, i.e. 100% full commission of your base earning on a qualifying transaction.


These are good things we can say about eBay partner network with their revised policies amended at late 2016.

The Bad

With the new policies, it is difficult and too early to come out with a conclusion the cons of eBay partner network.
But just a few points to list-


1.) Link or URL shortener is restricted only to usage 0f Google, Twitter, Bitly, no buffers what so ever you will get an instant warning or terminated from the affiliate program.


2.) Junk paid traffic and making clicks and trying to game on eBay promotional links or system will get you kicked out of their program without any notice, even though their policy says 3 days prior informed notice.


3.) 24-hour cookie period only for buyers to convert clicks into a Qualifying Sale, that goes for auction as well. The buyer bidding on auction need to win it within 10 days, or you lose that sale, and that sounds senseless.

4.) You need to be upfront about the methods you’re choosing for the promotion of eBay products, any thing left blank in the application will get you rejected and before making changes to the sales promotion methods also need to be notified ahead of time.

5.) Site performance overall is glitchy at times.


Perhaps, before 2017 the most difficult part of this program is that-
It is very tough to get approved. This concerns mostly the sites that are just beginning or have yet to boost their traffic.


If you do not have enough traffic or quality visitors or followers, then the program will reject you. Surprise termination of accounts.I assume all of this has changed as they decided to up their game among their competitors. There were some complaints from the affiliates that eBay didn’t pay them their commission or “steal” it away from them giving some lame reasons tied with their jargon policies and cancelled their business relationships.

All in all, we need to wait and watch after revamping some of their policies, user friendliness and experience for affiliates what could probably go wrong down the line. So far as you can see in the below image there are only 80 positive feedback over 2 negative on eBay Partner Network affiliate program.

Pros and Cons of eBay Affiliate Program

Credits – affpaying.com


Who can join eBay partner network?

All individuals interested in some passive income and affiliate marketing, as well as stores, reseller and companies that want to increase their sales and their popularity, are eligible partners for this program. Especially if you have an upcoming blog and want to boost its traffic, then this is how to make money on eBay partner network.


eBay is one of the largest platforms that operate all over the world. It has over 120 million active users that managed to sell products in total gain more than $75 billion, only in 2012. Your site will have an instant brand recognition, and your traffic will be significantly increased.

eBay Partner Network Tools and Training

Once you become a successful partner, you have access to many useful and easy to use tools to improve your campaigns. Here is the list of the some of the useful tools-You can always use the API and access all of eBay’s listings and additional features.

Here, you can find-

1.) Bookmarklet tool – This feature can be added to your preferred browser. And whenever browsing or shopping on eBay, if you see any items to promote, this tool helps to create quick custom affiliate links.


2.) Link generator – This tool helps the buyer who visits on eBay through your links to get quickly locate the product they were looking for as per the customization you did on the link to be shown on the home page or pointing it towards it actual location in store etc.


3.) Creatives – It generates professionally designed eBay banners for the merchandise and seasonal events custom banners. Link generator, custom banners.


4.) RSS feed generators – this helps to access up-to-date listings of products and deals on eBay without having to use the API.


5.) API ( Application Programming Interface)- access all of eBay’s live listings of real time price of the products and additional features like apps to increase the purchasing activity for potential buyers.

6.) Product feed: This tool helps to download million of files of the live listing of goods than the API, this is beneficial for high volume target audience affiliates.


Those tools are available for you to help you improve your traffic and teach you how to make money on eBay partner network.

eBay Partner Network Support

This affiliate program does not have any kind of direct support. This means that there is no one to call, live chat or email with. If you should have any issues or inquiries along the way you can simply fill in the online contact form and an experienced member of the team will get back to you.

Alternatively, you can always check the Help section as it has very thorough information and answers to virtually any possible questions you may have. Here, you can find some useful videos and an online manual that will guide you through the whole process.

eBay Partner Network Price

Well to enter the affiliate program, you do not have to spend any additional money. However, there is a new pricing model that depends on the type of category you are going to choose, and the level commission rates will depend as well. These rates might vary from 40 to 80% of revenue.


My Final Opinion of eBay Partner Network

So, Can you make money with eBay?

In short, a definite, Yes.

All the amazing product listings will be at your entire disposal, and the payments will compensate you at its fullest.


Additionally, the payment threshold is quite low compared to all the other affiliate programs. It is the best next move to make if your blog is already boosted and you want to make some additional money over it. The sign-up process is totally free. Therefore you can always check out more of its amazing features.


Get online and ask all the other partners that are currently involved in the eBay partner network program. And do yourself a favor by going through all their terms and condition, any shady practices of promotion will get you rejected. The YouTube videos on how to use the tools, reviews and the other people comments will help to get a better understanding to use all the marketing tool made available for publisher able to use them right away. eBay is an already renowned platform that guarantees you fully support and success to the affiliate program.


You can read tonnes of information on the best affiliate network to go with but if you don’t know the ropes of doing Affiliate Internet Marketing which is a booming online business model.

You are not late to join the bandwagon.

Educate, Execute and build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate or Join here for free.


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I currently use the eBay Partner Network (EPN) for my affiliate marketing website due to companies delivering products associated with my niche at extremely competitive prices. Yeah, eBay’s affiliate links are awfully long, I do not like these and neither does Google so I use Pretty Link to convert the affiliate link into a user friendly named slug to which I create, the result is a link that looks associated with my website. Have you tried Pretty Link? Just to further ensure safety, I don’t include affiliate links on the posts I share with Social Media platforms, instead I centralise… Read more »

Hi, Blesso.
Wow, I had never heard of eBays affiliate program and I am intrigued to find an alternative to the one I currently use.
The one thing that disappoints me is the 24-hour cookie-period but after reading about the possible commissions, I think I can put that disappointment aside.
I wonder how it works with payments? If you are not living in the U.S. than is Paypal enough?

Jing Bolhano

Thanks great article! I am from the Philippines. I plan to join EPN but I still have to make my website. Do you think EPN will approve newly created websites that has no traffic yet?