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Can I Make Money Blogging? Is it even possible?

Well,  the short answer in one word is “YES”. So, I know what your next question will be before you even ask or think let me put it for you.


How to make money from a blog?

People are often wondering if there is a way to learn how to profit from a blog. Whether you want to start your blog, or if you have already made some progress and you are now a regular blogger, there are many things you should learn about successful and professional blogging. If you are still wondering ‘Are there real people making money blogging’ then you should keep on reading.


Steps in a Glance

Some basic steps that you must be follow before you can learn exactly, ‘how to make money from a blog’.

First of all, you need, of course, to start a blog about the things that truly interest’s you and the things you already know pretty well. This way you will be able to create some useful and unique content.The next step is to build some strong relationships with all the social media platforms. Now you can finally build a strong platform and choose the very nature of your income.


1.) Start your Blog-

Starting a blog is not a difficult task. There are many free blog sites like WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. where you can register for free and start your blog which also offers a free subdomain and basic hosting. That being said, you can always start a blog for free and then be able to make some actual money by blogging. However, if you start creating your blog in a free tool, you will never be able to have full authority over your blog because of the platform restrictions. This way you will not be able to manage all of your features in the future.


You do not have to spend much, with a small amount of investment; you can have full power on your blog by buying a domain, which means you are the sole owner of the blog or it is the brand name by which people will recognize the blog and a decent hosting platform like SiteRubix, BlueHost, HostGator, Name Cheap, etc.. I recommend WordPress site to be used for the blogging as it is the most loved sites by search engines.

You can build your free WordPress website powered by SiteRubix hosting platform by typing in your domain name or the brand name by which you want yourself to be recognized online. In few clicks, your website for blogging is ready: Type in the below space your domain and Click on the Blue button and Register for free and get started.


2.) Useful Content-

If you want to know how-to profit from a blog, then you have to be careful of your content. This is why it is important that you write about things you know and interest you. Use your personal experience or expertise and help other users find your articles and benefit from them. You can inform them about a certain topic or assist them to get over a difficulty.


Either way, you have to be sure what you are writing about is fun, is interesting and completely original. The sources are so many that your content needs to be perfect in order to stand out.


3.) The Importance of Social Media-

While you watch over your content, you have to create some value and strong relationships with all the major social media. Now, you have to think about your target audience. Are you writing about young fashionistas? Then Facebook and Instagram are your targeted social media. Alternatively, if your content is about professionals of a particular field, then you should start with Twitter and LinkedIn to take advantage.


Being active candidate on social media means that you have to participate in specific groups, comment on other successful blogs and join popular forums. Spread the word of your blog throughout the social platform to the like-minded blog communities. Find all these people that are genuinely interested in what you have to say.


4.) Empower your Platform-

If you ought to be that person to point out to those everyone asks, Are there real people making money blogging? Then you need to create content that is deep and valuable to all your viewers. Try to gain people’s trust by offering them trustworthy content. Build your authority and make them trust your judgement and opinion.


Gradually, Build up your blog by branding and become one of the most successful blogs in your own specific field or niche. This is why your content must always be truthful and eligible. It is best to reduce the amount of content you are posting on a weekly basis than reduce their quality. Users will eventually pick up on that and start following you.


5.) Select your Income Streams-

If you have excelled in all the previous steps, it is time to start considering the new ways you can generate your blogging income. Learn all about the money you can earn from blogging and determine which one is the best for you and your creative blog.


  • Launch Products

The most popular way to generate some money of from your blog is to start launching some products on your site, may it be affiliate products or your own product. Start searching for products that are easily related to your site such as books, clothes, digital products, ebooks, etc. and other specific services that you can directly link to your blog.


Do not reject on possible cooperation options because the income will be too small in the beginning until you are considered trustworthy, and the site offers truly excellent services. Take in all the eligible products and start launching them even if the income seems insignificant. It takes some baby steps to transform your blog into a successful money machine.


Make sure the products you are launching have something to do with the things you are writing about. If you are writing about fashion as your niche, then there is a wide variety of different products that you can choose from. However, if you are writing about fishing, then you only get to promote fishing gear products or casual clothing to go for fishing. Find out more about the products that will boost your blog and use them for your own benefit.


  • Ads- 

We all know about the graphic advertisements that there are literally all over the web. Why not take advantage of them as well? You can place them in the sidebar of your blog and enhance your overall display and content. These ads will make your content seem more appealing to all online viewers.


You can find a wide variety of options in terms of ads in many several ad companies that you can track down online and get in touch with them like Google Adsense. Or, if your blog has incredible traffic and a good base of the trustful audience some small and big brand companies may approach you to make their promotion via your blog fro which you can charge them.

Bottomline is– 

These are a few ways to making money blogging and profit from a blog. The most important thing to keep reminding yourself is that you must never give up on your blog and you must always be informed about what’s new. The more you take care of your blog, and you offer quality content to your users, the more traffic you will get.

This is the ultimate thing you should always keep in mind; If you actually want to earn money by blogging online, you should be persistent in doing what you love and always free to express yourself to offer and inform your target audience.
And should be motivated, be determined and tolerant enough to see yourself climbing the success ladder and make it happen for you for real for all the effort and time you invested to achieve those feet.


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Can we make money blogging? Yup, we can. But it’s all depends on the work and dedication that we put into our career. Blogging is like 69: You get, what you give. For all the beginners out there, this article is a must read.

For starting out, I recommend to go with SiteRubix, because it’s the best website builder out there for beginners. It’s free and easy to use. That being said, earning money requires persistence. Just like what’s mentioned in this article, one should be motivated, be determined and tolerant enough to see success in online business.

Hi there! I just finished reading your article about blogging and just wanted to drop you quick comment to say thanks! I’ve been blogging now for several years but I like to keep up with the blogging community, hence reading this article here. You are right in what you say in this article, it is very possible to make money with a blog. I started out several years ago trying to make money online and I very quickly learned that its hard work! For anyone out there that thinks that blogging is the easy road to success, then forget it!… Read more »

This is really useful and encouraging for someone just starting out with blogging.

I’m at a point where I’ve built my blog out and am starting to feel like it should be making some money, but it’s not yet. So it’s always nice to read reassuring articles from others who have done it, and are confident that there’s money to be made.

Sharon Whyte

Hi there,
This is a good read and as others said reassuring that a blog can make money, and there are many ways of doing it.

I just keep adding content as I think that is key to extending your audience. But nice to know there are many options to make money. Good article for a new person to blogging!

Sharon Whyte

Hi there,
This is a good read and as others said reassuring that your blog can make money, and there are many ways of doing it.

I just keep adding content as I think that is key to extending your audience. But nice to know there are many options to make money. Good article for a new person to blogging!


Hello there!

Nice article! Although I have now started my blogging endeavours, I just wished I had come across making money by blogging earlier!
Blogging is one of the few legitimate ways people from all walks of life can learn and make a real passive income.

There is hard work and dedication involved but it’s more logical sticking to a proven method (blogging) than say buying useless ‘make money online’ products.

Hope to read more articles soon!