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Website: www.affiliate-program.amazon.com
Price: Free to Sign up
Owners: Amazon.com
Overall ranking: 9/10

General overview

There is no doubt about Amazon being the most popular E-Commerce site, and one of the single largest online merchant globally that sells virtually any subset of profitable products ranging from the small things like toothpicks and matchboxes to large ones like Hi-Def TV sets, Used cars and Valves among others.

Perhaps, this is one of the most apparent reasons why several individuals are attracted to making money with the Amazon affiliate programs. Besides, Amazon has clearly established itself as a reputable brand, and many affiliate marketer widely uses their popular affiliate program.

Is Amazon affiliate program a scam?

Amazon affiliate program is not a scam. It is free to join. However, you need to alert for, fake Amazon employees that will want to help sign you up for free. They are scammers and do not work with Amazon. They only want to rip you off using the name of Amazon. In fact, you need not go through any middlemen to be approved. So do not be deceived!

Who is Amazon’s affiliate program meant for?

Amazon affiliate program is for individuals that want to make extra income through their blogs and online business.  You can actually, make real money online with Amazon affiliate program, but it will be not enough to be happy unless you have a large number of sale, which does happen though you need to be patient.

Amazon being the most sought after E-commerce giant for purchases, it is unlikely that you will run out of sales.

Is Amazon affiliate program Easy to join? 

As long as you live in the approved states or countries, fit their guidelines and have a website with reasonable traffic driving in, I don’t think you will have an issue with being approved. In fact, Amazon is one of the most “lax” programs with regards to accepting people as affiliates.

However, if your application is denied, it could probably be because you have not adhered to their terms and conditions. You can definitely earn money using Amazon’s affiliate program, once, you have been approved (this usually takes 24 to 48 hours);

Nevertheless, the income amount you make varies greatly depending on the product and niche from which you are promoting.

Note: Your are under continues scrutiny with your affairs with Amazon, being a affiliate if you misuse the affiliate links and discount offer which they offer for your website customer. If you use their links for your purchases and to avail discount, they will cut you off from their affiliate program and business affairs. So, be careful.

Which Products Should I Promote?

Amazon just sells about anything you can think off. Therefore, you should be able to find a good selection of products to promote regardless of the niche your site belong.


1. Very reputable and trusted brand
2. There is a wide variety of products of promote
3. Have amazing sales funnel that is proven to convert well
4. Gain commissions on anything the customer buys through your links
5. Even if the client buys a different product from the one you linked to, you still get a commission.
6. Have custom made banners and links within seconds
7. There is no commission cap
Another significant advantage of Amazon Affiliate program is that even if a user fails to purchase a product through your link within 24hr period but add the product to their cart, you will still earn a commission given they check-out the particular item before the shopping cart expires.

Similar to every other affiliate programs; Amazon Associates Affiliate Program also has it is shortcomings:
1. Commission rates are low 
It starts out with an earning commission of 4%, but this increases as you sell more products. The most you can achieve is 8.50%, and it depends on the product category.

This image belongs to AmazonAssociates,https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/policies#Associates Program Fee Statement

New Commission structure of AMAZON ASSOCIATES



Another thing to note is that the commission rate is usually reset back to 4% every new month regardless of your present rate. To increase your commission rate, you will need to sell more every month.
2. User interface and commission schedule can be difficult to understand
3. Have many bounties and rewards that can be hard to learn how to take advantage of it.

To understand more about perks and bounties, paste this url on your browser and search:


” https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/policies#Associates Program Fee Statement  (This is not a affiliate link, this link is directed towards Amazon Associates site and belongs to the merchant.)

Note: Amazon Associate Affiliate program require you to put a Disclosure’s notice on your website for its affiliate link usages and commission you earn by clicking the links and purchasing through it.

Is Amazon’s affiliate program worth trying?

Absolutely, Yes! Although you may want to join other affiliate programs for other reasons like a better pay, I will say Amazon is definitely a safe bet. Its affiliate (associate) program is highly reputed.

Amazon Support

Sure! There is Amazon Affiliate guide. You can search the internet for it.



(This is not a affiliate link, this link is directed towards Amazon Associates site and belongs to the merchant.)

Affiliate program tools and training

  • Site Strip– It’s an Amazon toolbar, it help to add links quickly just by cut and paste method to any products inside of the store, offers quick navigation to any pages, Quick share of the Amazon link’s to the social media platforms for the products you are viewing. In addition to this, you could also check earning charts.
  • Amazon Link-shortner- You can only use their tool to shorten amazon affiliate links, any other tool other than that may cause you to be disapproved.
  • Amazon Product link – Links to the specific products in the store are offered along with its information. You can customise the product link’s for a text, imagery or combinations of text, imagery, product info and pricing.
  • Amazon Banners– Stylish and graphical ideal for displaying promotions and sales.
  • aStore facility – Amazon offers a service where you can open a professional e-commerce store, and a shopping cart features easy to setup within few minutes instruction. In here, Amazon products are put into the display and whereas checking out, and payment gateway will be directed securely towards Amazon official site. Having said that any payment hassles or glitch would be a sole responsibility on them.
  • Amazon plug-in – ReviewAZON, a WordPress plug-in that can be used for Amazon Affiliate programs. The availability of this plugin is restricted to the new customers, but the affiliates who previously owned it can still take advantage of it and its support services.
  • Amazon also has training on how to use links, generate customized links, setting up e- store, etc.

How I get started?

To get started, Signup here for free.

General remarks

Amazon Associates program, Verdict – Legit and a Green Signal to go!
Of a truth, not all products are big commission makers, but most of the products featured on Amazon are, and of the highest searched and purchased. Choosing the right products is one factor that will determine your success rate. And it is then you can earn a good income with the Amazon affiliate program.

Well, instead of being stuck in a bracket of 9-5 job or whatever you shifts you run into, which over time you realized is getting boring and losing your passion.

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What if I tell you, it is easy to build a website with few clicks, rather than the difficult you think it is.

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jessie palaypay

I can see the benefits of joining amazons affiliate program especially when you have high amounts of traffic and people who buy plenty of stuff in one shopping session.

You mentioned that it is important to disclose your affiliate relationship with amazon as they will cut you if you don’t. Do you need to have it visible in plain sight or can it be in the footer area at the bottom of your site?


John Rico

Hello there! I’m looking for a part time job online. And I found your article very interesting and informative to read. I’m a college student and I don’t have plenty of knowledge about part time jobs online. I heard positive things about amazon affiliate and I want to try it. But my problem is that I don’t know how it works? Is there a guide with amazon affiliate? I really appreciate your response.


I am curious about the a-store thingy. You mentioned that it’s an eCommerce store. Does it also handle a custom domain and a blog? How does it compare to an Amazon affiliate store operated on WordPress?

I am planning to sign up for this program but I need more clarity as to which platform to use. Thanks for your help.

Gaurav Heera

Thank you so much for this post. It is really going to be helpful to me as I strive to have more income coming from passive activities instead of active ones. I am facing some problem like traffic, links, time management etc but after reading this information I get a lot of confidence, really you help me a lot. Keep doing this within work and updating me.


Hi Blesso. Many thanks for this great review of Amazon affiliate program. You’re totally true about the huge selection of products inside Amazon.with that, anyone can get into any niche and promote many products just from one affiliate program. And I really love the commission on any items purchased through our link – there is a lot of potential especially in the year end sale season lol!

Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.
Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

I am a member of Amazon affiliate and have been a while now but I have had a hard time converting clicks into sales.

The affiliate commission rate is pretty low and that is what I have heard others say to trying on link to higher priced items in order to make a decent return.

Do you have any suggestions for converting clicks into sales?

I was really impressed with your website. I always wondered if this was something to look into. I am not sure how to get started, although I think that I will find a way be browsing through more of your website. I am really happy that I came across this one even if you do not accept my comment. It does not matter if you approve of my comments or not. I will always have your website to look at whenever I want.I think that you are showing people a way to make a little extra money. I was always… Read more »

Hi Blesso,

Your post has made me interested in the Amazon affiliates program. I have a question:- Do they only accept affiliates from certain states in the USA or may people from other countries also join e.g. Australia?

Also do have a dedicated site hosted by Amazon or can use any of your existing sites?

I just went to Amazon’s home page and joined their Associates Program through the link at the bottom of the page, it’s a very quick setup procedure without hassles. In the UK where I live Amazon UK pays payment via bank direct debit whereas Amazon USA pays by cheque which creates a bit of hassle having to bank but it’s worth it. The site strip presented at the top of the page once logged-in is quick and easy plus like you mention, I use the shortened code all the time as many Search Engines aren’t too fond of long affiliate… Read more »