Affiliate Marketing Online for Beginners

What’s Affiliate Marketing about

A large number of people with the intention to create a supplemental income stream or passive income, whatever you want to name your intention or desire while working via online, ends up into Affiliate Marketing.
Being a popular marketing discipline of a kind, which mostly has its operations in the realm of the internet, is not a familiar concept to everyone who gets stumbled upon it unless you are a student of marketing business.
So, What’s Affiliate Marketing about, is the most searched topic for a newbie, when they are serious about earning an income leveraging through an affiliate stream.
Here I want to put some insight into how does this popular Affiliate Business model works.

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1.) What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s a well-known marketing tactic used by Major businesses, most of which operates via the internet.
Affiliate Marketing is a process where you as a marketer or publisher promote other people/vendor or a Brand’s products by various means over online. When a consumer buys the product through your referral channels, you are rewarded a commission for the sale and business you did to that person or enterprise.
It is a performance-based marketing; which means the way marketing and promotion efforts you apply leads to generating a sale is how you get rewarded by the Brand.

 2.) Who is an Affiliate & How to be an Affiliate?

 In Affiliate Marketing, an affiliate is an individual or a publisher who stand as an intermediary between the Brand and the consumer, promoting and making sales via a given affiliate programs of the Brand.
As an affiliate you can promote any pieces of stuff like groceries, digital products, Softwares, Web hosting spaces, Educational programs, etc. there are many options.
For instance, getting affiliated with any companies like Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction, Shareasale, etc; they have their affiliate programs, and you are using them to promote their products. When you promote the products through your promotional channel like Websites, Emails, Social Media, etc. you are doing affiliate marketing.

  3.) Who can do Affiliate Marketing?

The short answer is “ANYBODY”.
No requirement of a degree in marketing or any particular educational criteria or be a seasoned marketer to enter into this business model. But if you have marketing skills along with writing abilities it could be an added advantage.
The primary thing you need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing and make it work is PASSION and some quality TIME to dedicate.
Affiliate Marketing is more of a NICHE driven marketing and business, but you can still work it out if you don’t have a particular passion.

4.) How does affiliate marketing really work?

Whatever promotional channel you opt for it must be related to your niche and should have quality information on the products for like-minded niche customer, who hits into your channels.
There are a lot of things you need to work in the background as affiliate marketing requires same kind of framework as any other kind of internet marketing, but this is just a basic idea how it works.
How does affiliate marketing really work

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There are nearly 2 millions of internet user including you and me are always searching and among them, some are shopping for something online.
For Instance, if You’re passionate about basketball shoes, you wish to promote those products you blog should give information about those products, so when the like-minded niche audience comes into your channel and can connect with the details that would lead to a sale in the end.
Most of them will do detailed research on the internet of the kinds of stuff they want to buy.
Again say, For instance, someone online is looking t buys the best Scientific Calculator available in the market, and they end up at any random blog or a website that provides information about that product along with the affiliate advertisements and links.
And If the customer finds the info helpful and is clarifying all their doubts about the Calculator, you provided them through your promotion channel and decided to buy it.
They will click on the link or the banner of the product which leads them to the actual merchant site, e.g., Amazon or Ebay. If they make the transaction complete and buys it on the merchant site, you get a paid a commission for the business and sale you’ve done for them.
Are you wondering how do the merchant would know that you referred the customer to them?
The affiliate links and banners (also called tools) you placed on your blog are provided by the merchant and has a Tracking code, or a unique URL  and it is linked to your affiliate account.
Most of the Affiliate Program pays you by PayPal, but some also allow wire transfer, checks, direct bank transfers, it depends on their terms and condition.

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5) How to get started in affiliate marketing?

  To be a member, you need to check with the merchant or on their site if they offer an affiliate program. If they do, you need a create an affiliate account with them. Merchant’s can track your affiliate account and progress with the marketing and sales.
Companies provide you with Affiliate ID’s, Unique URL, Tracking and Advertising tool, etc.
Before you decide to be an affiliate with any company, you should be sure which promotional method you are going to choose.
Although there are many methods, having a personal Website is always the best option to promote stuff. In the long run having a website will advantage you.

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 Getting started in Affiliate Marketing is effortless, most of the programs are free to get registered, some needs to get paid in the initial set up process upfront and other will charge you in recurring monthly fee. So, you need to be clear upfront when dealing with them which one will fit your budget.
Amazon is the one of the famous business giants who offer affiliate program known as AMAZON ASSOCIATES, and the choicest among all level of marketers, free to Sign Up.
Several retailers offer an affiliate program like APPLE, EBAY, WEALTHY AFFILIATE, COMMISSION JUNCTION, SHAREASALE.
There are terms and conditions for all of these companies for those doing affiliate marketing should follow an ethical and etiquette practices while using their links, banners, Affiliate ID’s and other services for promotions and sale through your websites or promotional methods.

6.) How profitable is it doing affiliate marketing?

There are no fix numbers to the income you earn. Everyone has different start up profits; it depends on how your marketing strategies go right for you.
A rough average anyone may start making may start from $ 500 to few thousand dollars. If you are serious enough with your affiliate marketing business and becomes an authority online, the income may go up to six digit figure.

 To Summarize

There are many ways to make money online and offline though; Affiliate Marketing is a lucrative and legitimate method preferred among all of them.Don’t consider it any less than a business; In fact, its a business you can manage single-handedly and your efforts with affiliate marketing and working on your niche will transform you into an Internet Brand in the long run.
There are many successful affiliate internet marketer, who all started with small dreams with the hopes of supplemental income, but as they dedicatedly progressed they are now a global brand running a scalable business with employees working for them and remarkable ROI’s.
Everyone needs a second chance to rearrange their priorities and dream into fruition.
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Marios Tofarides

Hi, Blesso!

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online, and as you have stated, in different ways.
I think your posts says it all about what is Affiliate Marketing – how to do it is a totally different story, which I’m sure you cover in another post.
My question is, which are, in your opinion, the best companies/networks to join for Affiliate Marketing?



Great explanation of how affiliate marketing works. Personally, the fact that this opportunity is open to anyone is just mind boggling. No job interview, no dress code, no set hours. Just the ability to learn the ins and outs. I really like the ease and simplicity of Amazon and will check out the others you mention. Well done.