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My name is Blesso. I am a Healthcare Professional by trade; I like gadgets, fitness workouts. I am curious about learning new things, helping people online marketing and blogging are my side hobbies. I am also a family man.


Fear is that stumbling block which keeps you stepping back from putting your best foot forward to accomplish your Dream.


Besides, the full-time job I am committed to for past nine years, which rotates in shifts;

I always wondered,” How can I start up a business of my own?”. I had the desire but lacked motivation and was scared; The thought many a time bothered me was common everyone goes through when it comes to beginning your undertaking because our notions are not out of the box. The expense to equip a physical set up, the risk of losing hard earned money which I have and that credits only through the job. And the main ingredients in any venture TimeEffort, Energy I put may go in vain if the investment doesn’t hit right notes. My priority having a family on the other side is to make both ends meet because that is the part of our lives, where most of us struggle.


A worry always puts your life to a standstill.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie


And In the beginning, there was ‘Scam’

Internet and Google being everyone’s friend when you need advice, I surged through search engine’s finding solutions and ideas to start up a Business and figure out a residual money source. And, It lands me to a site which says, “Online XYZ Wealths” with a moving testimony containing various international accreditation logos, a time ticker which shows just invest $ 2 now on discount within 2 minutes (by the way it was a decoy page). It was a binary trading and earn quick money online scheme.


Being unaware of the consequences, I fell for the generous offer, as it was only a matter of $ 2 to start with and there is only little to lose, if it doesn’t work out I could leave it anytime. After making the small payment and a consequent phone call approach from the scam company. It seemed legit, but the truth was with every “OK’s” you do to them while on call, they swindled around $ 750 through the card I used for payment without the authorization of the bank as well as mine.

Remember idle “OK’S” can cost you a fortune.

The first and the last time I fell in hand of scammers, I felt demotivated with the whole idea of earning money and business. I guess most of you could relate to several incidences like these, but a different tale with bigger numbers on a loss. It truly is a venture into the blizzard of the online world. Nevertheless, I kept pressing onto the dream of being an Entrepreneur.


First Lesson and a Beautiful Online Collision

I was always alert after learning the hard lesson. In spite of an unpleasant instance, I was still looking for ways to make my dream happen and use to search online for ideas. Before I let me fall for the second scam, Wealthy Affiliate took hold of me which I believe to be a “Fortunate Happenstance“.

This accident leads to successful learning, exposures to best business developing tool and techniques skills at the most legit online university of ‘WEALTHY AFFILIATE’, all for free of cost you don’t have to syphon any amount of money to discover yourself, What you can do and achieve online?


Business is shaping up, Dream is getting real

The success rate of reaching my goal and a dream of starting an enterprise with the push of Wealthy Affiliate seemed to be more than achievable with the fantastic community guidance and support, excellent training put forward by their  founder’s (Kyle & Carson) themselves and many other already established entrepreneur within there.


The best part of the doing Online Business over actual physical business is you won’t get stressed about anything; you are free to work whenever wherever you want.

Train and learn to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

My Business is ON!


The only emporium you need to unfasten is your power on button of a laptop or desktop, and your business is waiting for you to launch it.


My vision with GPAM (Genius Profits Online Marketing) is to encourage folks to start up a venture online and to reveal how a site seasoned with your niche turns out to be a thriving long-term revenue earning seed to a tree. And believe me, a domain and a website will not hurt you, and the experience is not DAUNTING at all.


Creating a site and running an undertaking on it is not as you think only for techies or geeks or anyone who hold a degree in Computer science etc. Like in yesteryears all website were built on codes. Not at all a Rocket Science now.


As time have leaped forward and we are advancing day by day, a site development have become convenient through various user-friendly developing platforms. Revealing that I want you to know it is easy for even a layperson who possess basic common sense to handle computer and use the internet reasonably.


Cast away all your fearful premonition, take action make it happen for real.


Work Along with Wealthy Affiliate

Be confident, You can.

In today’s world, a blog and website of you own with a Business Inside of it is economically viable.


Take action, Launch  and manage your business online today.



I welcome you all to explore yours one step to success waiting for you to take action. And if you ever need anything feel free to contact, you can find My  profile here at the Wealthy Affiliate community. Drop me a comment below.





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